Monday, 20 August 2012

Donald Newman.... (Comedy)

Donald Newman... Underachiever (also Saviour of the Universe) (2012)

Donald Newman has worked at the same bottom rung job for over ten years. He has a string of failed relationships the last of which kicked him out of his house forcing him to move in with his much more successful younger brother. Life doesn't seem like it could get much lower but things start to look up when he meets a nice girl at a singles evening and get invited to a job interview the following morning.
However, his good mood is cut short when he is hit by a car, a car which he is convinced he saw himself driving. After this he finds himself the target of two time travelling hitmen whilst under the protection of a mysterious woman who doesn't seem all that used to being human All this is being watched over by a descendent of the last true wizard, who is rapidly catching up his ancestor in eccentricity, but just because the last true wizard died over a thousand years ago whilst serving as part of a ludicrously disfunctional elite unit of the kings knights doesn't mean that he and this socially inept unit has finished causing trouble.
Like Donald said, from here on things get weird ...

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