Monday, 18 June 2012

Brothers With No Game (Comedy)

Brothers With No Game (2012)

Set in London, 'Brothers With No Game – The Web Series' follows the social and romantic lives of four friends: Theo, Dorian, Junior and Marcus. The 20-somethings come to terms with the responsibilities and dilemmas that revolve around work, family, friendships and most notably, women. Their distinctive personalities and ever-changing love lives are paralleled with a strong friendship and one evident, common, trait…they have no game.

The web series is the brain child of the UK bloggers JC, The Yak, Don Kwelu and Maverick. The quartet make up the Brothers With No Game blog, where four friends deconstruct, discuss and deliberate thoughts and topics formally kept in the confines of a London living room. Launched in Oct 2010, the website has gone on to receive over 400,000 visitors and are now teaming up with Socialize Media to bring to you the web series.

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