Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Tempting Fates (Comedy)

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Tempting Fates (2010)

Tempting Fates is an interactive black comedy series. Since the dawn of time three immortal sisters have controlled the fate of all mankind. Now meet their Apprentices...
Sent to earth to enrol in university, three pampered goddesses are on a mission to learn how to mess with human destiny and bump us off with flair. If they entertain the gods theyll win power over all mankind. But they risk becoming mortal themselves if they let humans get too close You see the trouble is, humans are getting too big for their boots. They're trying to control their own fate, cheat death and divine the mysteries of the universe. Its time to spice things up with a little hand to hand combat -and put the fun back into fatality, the comedy back into the kill.

Episode 1.2:
Episode 1.3:
Episode 1.4:
Episode 2.1:
Episode 2.2:
Episode 2.3:

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