Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Vaughan Wylliams: Agent of Lovcraft (Comedy)

Vaughan Wylliams: Agent of Lovcraft (2012)

Vaughan Wylliams, unemployed man attends a free curry lunch with his good friend and psychic healer, Zach Ross. Being quite sceptical and mocking he is challenging to a test of psychic powers (guessing a coin toss). Having correctly guessed heads, nine times in a row the psychic group simply called Lovcraft (The League of Valleys & Cardiff Registered Adherents of Felicitous Tuning) use Vaughan's love of TV detective shows to recruit him. Acting as Lovcraft's in-house psychic detective Vaughan uses a mixture of his wits, charm and cosmic bullshit to solve mysteries. Whilst he is simply using common sense everyone around him believe him to be 'the chosen one' a highly powerful psychic.

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