Monday, 3 September 2012

Eaten By The Wolves (Comedy)

Eaten By The Wolves (2012)

Dave and Kenny have been friends since school and remained so during university. After leaving university they set out to start their adult lives, starting with finding somewhere live. Accompanied by Jenny, a housemate Kenny lived with at university who ended up with them partly through having nowhere else to go, the newly formed trio moved into a little four bedroom rental and began the drudgery of everyday life as grown ups. Six months later a mystery figure appeared on the doorstep, announced himself as Will and moved into the spare bedroom.
These are the heroes of our story.
Heroes might be a bit of strong word to use.
The show focuses on the struggles of four housemates who are slowly realising they're becoming a little too old to still be drifting cluelessly through life, something which come to a head with an unexpected revelation in the first episode. Taking place largely inside the house they rent together we see them attempt to figure out how they could have gotten this far with idea where they were even going.

Episode 1 Pt 2
Episode 2 Pt 1:
Episode 2 Pt 2:
Episode 3 Pt 1:

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