Monday, 23 July 2012

Anyone's Game (Comedy)

Anyone's Game (2012)

The London 2012 Olympics are just around the corner -- literally. Local residents Lillian, her dad Dave, neighbour Jane and lady wrestler Nadia, are preparing for Stratford's finest hour. Well, Lillian is. She excitedly awaits the arrival of Team GB's wrestler Nadia who wants to be nearer the action so she can focus on her training. Bus driver Dave can only focus on the errors that his boss has made on the Olympic Route Network (ORN). And Jane, well, Jane just wishes they'd all ORN off.
Anyone's Game follows wannabe torch-bearer Lillian, anti-Olympic activist Jane, Team GB's Polish-born wrestler Nadia and local bus driver Dave as the countdown to the Greatest Show on Earth ™ begins. Comedy actress Elaine Gracie will play all parts in the series of three-minute long webisodes.

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